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My Mother’s Eyes

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I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while… a full series of photos to include just my family’s eyes. Whether one can see into the soul through them is left to interpretation but I truly believe you can read the moods of a person just by looking into their eyes.

Whether happy or haunted, a person’s eyes remain for me the most honest truth about what’s going on inside.

I am lucky to have a very diverse family tribe so I think this next adventure may turn out to be an enlightening as well as interesting assignment. My first selected member, the eldest and most important, my beautiful Mother Dorothy.


Ice Duck

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The Night Market

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The place I work

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Actually, it could be called “the place I really live”. When I’m not trying to find new, interesting things to photograph, I have an actual occupation as a Scheduler for a large commercial printing plant. I call myself the CEO of Magnet Movification, Rumor Control, Social Direction and my personal favorite, the self effacing blame monger…among other things. This is my artistic interpretation of commercial printing. The boys were only too happy to put me in a cage and raise me up for a new view (pun intended). Personally I think it was payback for all those Saturdays over the years…

Paintball Fever

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This weekend The city of Huntington Beach is sponsoring the National Professional Paintball League…and like they’re mottos says…”you gotta see it to believe…” It’s the number 2 ranked Extreme Sport, closing in on Skateboarding, and has over 10.3 million participants in the United States alone.

I decided to try my hand at making a slide show. This is my first attempt so be gentle… Oh and it follows under it’s own category…Paint Warriors 🙂



Paint warriors

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[rockyou id=61351287&w=426&h=320]

Shoe Art

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Collecting memories

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If the shoe doesn’t fit…

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New Lens via award points! Damn glad to be “American”

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