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One of a Kind “Human Sign”

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If you live in Southern California…you’ve seen them. The “Sign People”. It’s the latest way to get the publics’ attention. I see them everywhere and I take photos of them from moving vehicles (when I’m not the driver). Each person has a different technique, from standing perfectly still to weaving back and forth, but there’s only one Jason. I see him every weekend working his position on the corner of Victoria and Brookhurst in Huntington and you just can’t help watching him and smiling at his free spirit. He wears an IPOD and plays air guitar with his arrow sign… tuning the entire world out. He has taken the job into a new dimension with his air-born leaps while “head banging” that glorious mop of hair. He makes anyone that sees him smile or laugh out loud. I stopped today to finally meet Jason and take his photo. He is a wonderful kid with a very handsome face and a warm, shy smile. When I raised my camera he gave me the perfect teenage “attitude shot”. I inquired what he makes an hour and promptly told him he was worth much more and that he was growing into a local legend. I also learned today’s musical inspiration was the band Korn. If you’re ever in the area on the weekend, you’ve just got to see Jason before he’s discovered for the talent he is and takes his show on the road.


The Flamenco Girls

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Revealed in White

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A Secret Place

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The Escape

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I Dream of Red Trees

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It begins with birth, life and death only there’s no pain, no suffering, no cancer to take away your loved ones. There’s no need for wars or guns because all people love each other and understand their differences. They rejoice in what makes each of us special and interesting. There aren’t any lawnmowers. The grass grows blue and is perfectly lovely in it’s uneven blades. The ocean is golden and people bask and float in it’s gentle rocking. The sun is a brilliant violet in a sky full of fluffy pink and blue cotton candy clouds, and as it sets, it softly fades to green. When it rains, it flows in colored M&M’s and people run laughing, with their mouths open, to catch a treat. There is no hunger, no hurting, no prejudice. There are enough hugs and smiles to go all around and wonderous lasting memories to keep and treasure… and there are red trees…


Runway Girls

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The Business of Alder

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I was never one to compose a normal Family shot. “Normal” isn’t a part of my vocabulary. Leave that to the specialist in the “Portrait ” Field. But I like the way this is composed and I love the admiring parents in the background. I am very interested in lighting and almost knocked my light kit over chasing this shot.

Did I mention I’m not particularly graceful either 🙂

Where Magic Begins

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Alder’s Eyes

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Continuing the series on my families eyes, the youngest member, 2 year old Alder…

and man, ya got to be fast!