I Dream of Red Trees

It begins with birth, life and death only there’s no pain, no suffering, no cancer to take away your loved ones. There’s no need for wars or guns because all people love each other and understand their differences. They rejoice in what makes each of us special and interesting. There aren’t any lawnmowers. The grass grows blue and is perfectly lovely in it’s uneven blades. The ocean is golden and people bask and float in it’s gentle rocking. The sun is a brilliant violet in a sky full of fluffy pink and blue cotton candy clouds, and as it sets, it softly fades to green. When it rains, it flows in colored M&M’s and people run laughing, with their mouths open, to catch a treat. There is no hunger, no hurting, no prejudice. There are enough hugs and smiles to go all around and wonderous lasting memories to keep and treasure… and there are red trees…


3 Responses to “I Dream of Red Trees”

  1. that’s how I feel when I go to Disneyland. You never want to leave.

  2. Jeff Drake Says:

    wow lady good acid

  3. I must have laughed for an hour after Jeff’s comment…I love this blog!

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