One of a Kind “Human Sign”

If you live in Southern California…you’ve seen them. The “Sign People”. It’s the latest way to get the publics’ attention. I see them everywhere and I take photos of them from moving vehicles (when I’m not the driver). Each person has a different technique, from standing perfectly still to weaving back and forth, but there’s only one Jason. I see him every weekend working his position on the corner of Victoria and Brookhurst in Huntington and you just can’t help watching him and smiling at his free spirit. He wears an IPOD and plays air guitar with his arrow sign… tuning the entire world out. He has taken the job into a new dimension with his air-born leaps while “head banging” that glorious mop of hair. He makes anyone that sees him smile or laugh out loud. I stopped today to finally meet Jason and take his photo. He is a wonderful kid with a very handsome face and a warm, shy smile. When I raised my camera he gave me the perfect teenage “attitude shot”. I inquired what he makes an hour and promptly told him he was worth much more and that he was growing into a local legend. I also learned today’s musical inspiration was the band Korn. If you’re ever in the area on the weekend, you’ve just got to see Jason before he’s discovered for the talent he is and takes his show on the road.


4 Responses to “One of a Kind “Human Sign””

  1. That is so cool! he looks like a star!

  2. Hello, nice site 🙂

  3. It is people like him who humble all!

  4. Too true G,

    If more people dealt with life like Jason and his free spirit, the World would be a lot better place


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