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The Shade Tree

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Astro Turf and it’s uses

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When Monsanto Industries filed for a patent in December of 1965 for synthetic grass I highly doubt they ever thought about covering an automobile with it. But, when you have those creative minds running around out there all unsupervised, that’s what can happen! Not sure I would have thought of it but I did like the way this small boy found to participate with the artist’s creation.


The Pinstriper

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Yes, this is the old fashion way… all by a steady hand… with a camel hair sword brush. “Camel hair” brushes are not made from camel hair. They are made mostly from blue, grey or brown squirrel or sable hair. They are called Camel hair brushes after the man who invented the “hair” brush… Mr. Camel. I’m giving you this information in case you are ever on a game show. It might come in handy.