Traveling Route 66

Before I begin, I would like to send my appreciation to all of you that sent cards (both direct and indirectly), phone calls, text messages and emails to me this weekend. It humbles me to know how many people really care about me. I am very blessed.

Now, on to Route 66…I chose this trip in honor of my Father who loved to watch Huell Howser on PBS and travel to any of Huell’s destination’s possible…one episode showing some of the sites along Route 66.  I will tell you, being from “The OC”, the no-traffic was great!

Route 66 travels from Chicago, first connecting the prairie capital with Los Angeles in 1926, and ends at the Santa Monica pier. Having only a couple of days, I started in Needles (as I live in California) and stopped at the edge of Pasadena (just short of the traffic) having already traveled Colorado Blvd (Rose Parade Fame) and the beach portion many times.

My photos will at first be a general idea of the towns, the cool signs, the crumbled buildings and different things one might see traveling this road. Then I will go back and assemble photos to show you the small towns in order of the driving experience. I’m an old story teller so I must include some little antidotes along with the photos as we proceed down the road…to Route 66.


3 Responses to “Traveling Route 66”

  1. cynthia elders Says:

    wonderful pictures, they stir up old memories of a road trip with our parents to las vegas and grand canyon over 50 years ago..

  2. Did you say 50! whew.

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