Route 66…Miko leads the way

Pack and ready with Micheal (my equipment carrier, driver and husband) we started Route 66 from Needles, California heading towards the Pacific Ocean in the Mangie Wrangie (big red jeep). We passed through small, deserted looking towns like Essex, Danby and Cadiz where there’s nothing too exciting unless you have a passion for lizards.

Then we came across the town I enjoyed the most called Amboy. Now this place, it has character… The entire town was purchased by a man from Japan for a bargain basement price. It’s somewhere between 350 and 450 acres and he rents it out to the movie studios. Kalifornia was shot there, most notibly… but I was there for the photo ops.

The place to stop is at the big Roy’s cafe sign. We met a guy named Larry that works for the owner and he was very kind to let me wander through various abandon buildings. He told me to take his dog… Miko… and she turned out to be the highlight of my whole trip as well as a gracious model and the best guide ever. We made a rare connection and parted as great friends.

My first stop was the old school. It was extremely dark in the buildings and I have night blindness…which Miko seemed to acknowledge and understand. Each time I got stuck, she was there to guide me through the darkness and out various halls to a doorway. Never once was I frightened because I felt she would instinctively protect me.

So… I left Micheal, Larry and a friendly truckdriver watching the tele and headed out to the great unknown. The following photos are from the old Amboy school. Meet Miko… my guide dog and newest friend.


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