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Abandon on Route 66

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Continuing Amboy… After we ventured through the old school yard, Miko took me on a guided tour of the abandon buildings and long forgotten motel rooms left to the weather, the tumbleweeds and the vagrants. I loved it all… the cracked and faded colors, the scattered, forlorn furniture, the broken windows with tattered curtains… someone’s posessions left behind…



Shoe Trees in the Mohave Desert

Posted in photography, Uncategorized on May 31, 2007 by anuvuestudio

When driving along Route 66 you can’t help but notice the strange looking “shoe trees”… unknown people who tie their shoes to a tree… sometimes with their name or some wish written on them. While some are placed by the locals, the tourists passing through have also gotten into the act and there’s quite an assortment of hanging shoes…

This custom is reminiscent of the “rag-trees” of the Middle-East, which are sacred trees in which people place rags or bits of clothing for various purposes, including healing, prayers, pacifying the tree’s spirit, pacifying ancestral spirits, as votive offerings, asking for the tree’s help, and such.

Whatever the reason, stop by the roadside and check them out… it’s worth a look.