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Pier Views

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We live by the Huntington Beach Pier and frequently walk there to see the families fishing and the folks strolling. Tonight we saw several Dolphin playing among the waves, some boogie boarders catching free rides and a lot of people just having a good time. Soon there will be fireworks, traffic and of course the largest parade West of the Mississippi…at least that’s what they claim each year. I know a few folks that love this pier and are too far away for a stroll…so for you …HB 🙂



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These strange and wonderful cars were built in Berlin from 1961 to 1968. Only 3878 total were ever made, and of those, 3046 were imported into the United States. All of them were made as convertibles with a 4 cylinder British engine in the rear. They do 7 MPH in the water and 70 MPH on land. The twin propellers that drive the cars through water work independently from the wheels by a special land / water transmission. New they sold for a cool 2800.00 to 3300.00 depending on the year manufactured. Man, I would have bought all 4 colors… if only I could have reached the pedals!

This particular one belongs to a single Dad that lives down the street. I watched for years the restoration process as it slowly became the beauty it now is. And I can honestly say… the car looks happy. It’s usually sports a Pirate flag but I believe my street is getting it ready for the 4th. I rarely see this car go by without several children hanging out of it… all with silly grins, waving like their in a parade. I’m definitely going to have to ask for a ride… in the water of course 🙂


Mystery in a Suitcase

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True Grit Skateboarding

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This is my first try with the newest look in photography. It’s referred to as the “dramatic photo gritty look”.  Oh so technical huh! It’s works with desaturation and filters allowing pixels to granulate…oh and you do need to have a decent image. I’m a big fan of untouched photography but I do think the new desaturated look I’m seeing in magazines is pretty cool looking. I think the gritty final appearance lends itself perfectly to this sport. I’ve got several shots to work on but I’m going to focus on 3 of the most talented skaters and show each individually.


The Skater

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Recently I was driving in an area I wasn’t familiar with and I came upon a set of skateboarding pools under a freeway in the middle of nowhere. My Nephews are both skaters for Vans but I have always left their photo taking to their Mother. I stopped to watch these guys who were more than friendly and ended up spending hours shooting and admiring each one’s style. I’m going to work on some new “photo gritty” techniques perfect for skateboarding so I may decide to post a new skater each day (depending on how it goes). My skateboard, as I recall, was red with silver metal wheels. It’s probably worth a small fortune now…

This first one was left untouched and uncropped. I loved the painterly quality to it.


By the Hand of Man II

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To the waters…

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(a small token from Yeats “The Stolen Child”)

Come away, O human child!
To the waters and the wild
With a faery, hand in hand,
For the world’s more full of weeping than you can understand.