Illume Images

For the next two weeks my hometown (Huntington Beach, California) will be showing an exhibit right down on the sandy beach next to the pier. Red Bull (the drink) had a “search for image quest” that covered over 90 countries and a panel of judges chose the 50 best images from 45 sports photographers involving snow, water, land and air featuring several athletes in action. Each photo has been super-sized and built into 50 glass and metal cubes, 8 feet by 8 feet, set into a circular exhibit and they are illuminated and shown only at night (thus the name Illume). They are surrounded by 4 foot wooden walkways so those that like their shoes “sand free” can remain so. It was a wonderful site to see from the parking lot alone, but up close you can hear the waves from the Pacific Ocean crashing in the background, listen to the interesting comments and be a part of a one of a kind art show… all for free… (see my blogroll for more details)


One Response to “Illume Images”

  1. cynthia elders Says:

    WOW! Those pictures are as beautiful as that sunset you captured.

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