Seeing is Believing

I used to never to believe that the magnificient skies I saw in various magazines ever actually existed. I only saw what photoshop and the various enhancing programs can provide with the touch of a skilled hand. I work for a large commercial printer and we have people that can take a rhinocerous, remove him from the African plains, place him in a bright yellow raincoat and gollashes and plant him in the streets of downtown Mannhatten, NYC. Hey, don’t laugh…it happened…

But recently, I was driving through the dessert and as the sun began to set…this is what I witnessed in a constantly changing form. I look at it now and still can’t believe it…the absolute beauty nature can provide…if we open our eyes and see………..


3 Responses to “Seeing is Believing”

  1. Sunsets can really be amazing. I wish I knew more about what makes them amazing and what makes them just sort of amazing so that I can predict ahead of time. I took some sunset shots down in the caribbean once that at first I swear my film had gotten damaged by the xray machines at the airport. The colors were WILD!

  2. cynthia elders Says:

    Hey, Gods’ a super good artist!

  3. This shot looks like a painting. I know what you mean about doctoring shots. With digital photography, you never know (unless the photographer tells you) what is made up, what is real. Like you, I find it refreshing to post what I’ve actually caught with the camera. This sky reminds me of a sunset I once saw in Missoula that took my breath away. I bet you felt the same when you saw this one.

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