The Glass Garden

When driving along the famed old road, Route 66, I followed a guidebook that told briefly about a destination called “Elmer’s Place”. It mentioned a folk art collection of glass bottles, telephone poles and old road signs and moved on to the next destination.

Now anyone that reads that kind of description might not feel adventurous with the cost of gas now days to do a drive-by and take a peek… and that would be a sad shame. I actually did a double take… you know one of those “Did you see what I just saw” looks.

Elmer’s Place is a glass Garden of Eden filled with old memories and simple creative vision. It has beautiful glass bottle trees that glint in the sunlight in cobalt blues…deep greens and golds. There’s a treasure trove of old tree toppers… from old rocking horses to old tractor seats…why I even saw an old typewriter up in the sky overhead. There is literally something to see in every direction and I just looked and looked and looked.

It makes me so proud to know that people can still come up with something that costs little more than imagination and brings so much pleasure to be a part of. I only wish I had brought a glass bottle with me as a token of my appreciation for all the loving handwork. The designer leaves the visitor a simple task…open the gate and come on in…please close it when you leave…

2 Responses to “The Glass Garden”

  1. RoadDog Says:

    This is really quite a place to see. I saw it last fall.

  2. Route 66: a treasure trove of wonderlands. This, though, is quickly becoming a classic along California’s Mother Road. Well worth the stop. And definitely drop in and say hello to Elmer, too, as he is a wonderful character of the road.

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