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My Three S’s

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When composing a shot in the viewer I concentrate on certain things. When developing I don’t always get it right but I continue to strive for the perfection of the Old Master’s that came before, never cropping a shot.

If angles are involved, I try to make the composition symmetrical. This doesn’t always work out and I feel the need to crop for balance otherwise I will stare at an image with gritted teeth.

If shadows are involved I decide which makes the photo better…the concentration being the actual shadow itself or the form that it’s being cast from. I will then make that the focal point… by burning and dodging and hopefully without cropping.

Lastly comes the shape. I find an absurd gleefulness in finding shapes within shapes. Circles within squares… Squares within triangles…I may have been dropped on my head as a child. I will ask my sister’s to confirm this…


My Comfort Zone

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I never was a big chatter girl. In a large group you can find me off to the side hanging on to my personal space. I’m not anti-social…you should see me at Halloween on my own turf. But I’m a bit akward in situations with alot of people, trying to hold that smile in place ’til my cheek muscles hurt… making unmemorable conversation with people I find uninteresting or in need of making themselves more important than they are. The older I get, the less inclined I am to to force myself into a social engagement if I don’t already know and love quite a few of the characters involved.

I do find myself talking to strangers though, especially in diners, cafes and truck stops… at the counter. I love to chat with both the customers and the servers. Most often people older and wiser than myself that have more to say in much fewer words than some people blah, blah, blah in a lifetime. Maybe because they’ve got it down to what’s important. Maybe it’s because I have an easy, open manner and genuinely enjoy hearing what they have to say that we get on so well. My eyes will give me away quickly so they must see something in them that makes them feel comfortable.

You never know what kind of person is sitting next to you at the counter or serving you your meal. I’ve conversed with Lawyers, Would-be actors, Environmentalists, Hermits, Atheists, both Democrats and Republicans, Grandparents hiding from their families, Students, Nagging Wives, the Consolit for Ireland, a Kick Boxer and one lady who I am certain had just escaped some sort of holding facility…

On this day I met a wonderful woman from a small town. She made me an egg salad sandwich and the best lemonade I’ve had in a long while. As she told me about her town, she greeted all her customers with the same big smile and made them feel at home… and in the end… sent me on my way with a loaf of homemade banana bread.

If life could always be this easy…and people be this kind… I would probably become a chatter box…. Nah!