My Three S’s

When composing a shot in the viewer I concentrate on certain things. When developing I don’t always get it right but I continue to strive for the perfection of the Old Master’s that came before, never cropping a shot.

If angles are involved, I try to make the composition symmetrical. This doesn’t always work out and I feel the need to crop for balance otherwise I will stare at an image with gritted teeth.

If shadows are involved I decide which makes the photo better…the concentration being the actual shadow itself or the form that it’s being cast from. I will then make that the focal point… by burning and dodging and hopefully without cropping.

Lastly comes the shape. I find an absurd gleefulness in finding shapes within shapes. Circles within squares… Squares within triangles…I may have been dropped on my head as a child. I will ask my sister’s to confirm this…


2 Responses to “My Three S’s”

  1. They are very pretty, they are so calm. I like the first one most.

  2. Juliane Says:

    Yes, Cindy did drop you on you head. It wasn’t me. I swear, really.

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