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Father’s Day

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The other night I took my Mother, my Sister and my Niece to see an unusual photo show. It was right down on the sandy beach… a of a group of illuminated cubes with sports photos from around the world on display. We were standing in line behind a family of three small children and one very large man. He stood about 6’6″. The kids all had rainbow zip-up type jackets, short blond hair and ball caps so I wasn’t sure if they were girls or boys. They appeared to be all about the same size so when they turned to me I asked if they were triplets. Their little faces lit up and they all started chatting at once, unzipping their jackets, each in turn showing me their own embroidered names. “I’m Katherine” said the oldest…”I’m Rachel” said the second and “I’m Grace” said the third…”but you can call me “Gracie”… The very tall man turned and smiled.

The three girls went on to tell me their ages…and if you know any small children that never happens without their little hands coming up to display the proper amount of fingers. These three each held up five fingers, shouting and laughing wildly. They continued their bubbly enthusiasm, speaking to each of my family members, telling about themselves and asking us our names… From then on it was “Heather! Heather! Heather!”

What struck me more than this little charming trio was their Father. He towered over them, me as well, but he was the most patient, kind man… and as we walked by each photo…he took the time to explain everything they were seeing so they could fully understand and he answered all of their questions with the same loving care. Occasionally, he would stop to look back at us and smile. I couldn’t help but think how lucky they were to have such a loving Father and that they would grow to be such wonderful women if they listened and learned from all the love their Dad offered them. I watched as they begged him to lift them all up into his arms and he managed all three like a big tree sprouting large colorful flowers. It was the one time I will forever be sorry I didn’t have my camera with me…but it’s stuck in my mind forever.

I lost my own patient, kind giant of a Dad a year ago. My two Sisters and I were so very blessed to have him for so long. This water tower house makes me smile every time I drive by it, even if I have a heavy heart. My Father caught a very, very large Halibut 2.2 miles straight out to sea from this tower. We spread his ashes there as well. He would have loved the whole notion. To all that read this, I hope you have or had in your life a Father or a Father figure that made as big a positive impact upon your life as my loving sisters and I had with our own Dad…and I do hope you wish them a Happy Fathers Day and let them know how important they are to your life.

Oh…I never did ask where the girls’ Mother was. I naturally assumed she was at home on the couch with a large bag of ice on her head. 🙂