These strange and wonderful cars were built in Berlin from 1961 to 1968. Only 3878 total were ever made, and of those, 3046 were imported into the United States. All of them were made as convertibles with a 4 cylinder British engine in the rear. They do 7 MPH in the water and 70 MPH on land. The twin propellers that drive the cars through water work independently from the wheels by a special land / water transmission. New they sold for a cool 2800.00 to 3300.00 depending on the year manufactured. Man, I would have bought all 4 colors… if only I could have reached the pedals!

This particular one belongs to a single Dad that lives down the street. I watched for years the restoration process as it slowly became the beauty it now is. And I can honestly say… the car looks happy. It’s usually sports a Pirate flag but I believe my street is getting it ready for the 4th. I rarely see this car go by without several children hanging out of it… all with silly grins, waving like their in a parade. I’m definitely going to have to ask for a ride… in the water of course 🙂



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  1. cynthia elders Says:


  2. I love these cool hybrids of old. In a previous life we lived in Richland, WA, very near the Columbia River. One man who worked on The Project north of Richland lived across the river in rural Pasco. The drive from work to home was probably fifty miles — down the river to the bridge between Kennewick and Pasco, and back up to his property. His tiny azure car-boat let him drive down the abandoned ferry landing, into the river and up the other side, saving most of those fifty miles not to mention most of an hour. I loved watching the vehicle churn across the water every now and then. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  3. These cars are so cool. When I was in Pennsylvania a few weeks ago, my brother and his wife told me one had rolled by them on the Susquehanna River. They just purchased a place there and were thrilled to see the amphicar. I didn’t know only 3046 were imported to the U.S. That makes it even more amazing that they saw one. I missed it in person. But love your photo.

  4. I just happen to be looking at a map of the US because I’m leaving for a long road trip across the country. I checked out where Susquehanna River is. That’s one long River! How cool is that for them to live on it!

  5. Yes, the Susquehanna is an amazing river with a long history. Flows all the way down into the Atlantic. My brother bought a small place they use to go fishing and spend summers. It’s kind of their little get-a-way. Goodness knows, we all need one of those!

  6. My hubby and son saw one of these tooling around the lake in Maine. I was not fortunate to catch a glimpse of it. I am sure it was a sight to see.

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