Pier Views

We live by the Huntington Beach Pier and frequently walk there to see the families fishing and the folks strolling. Tonight we saw several Dolphin playing among the waves, some boogie boarders catching free rides and a lot of people just having a good time. Soon there will be fireworks, traffic and of course the largest parade West of the Mississippi…at least that’s what they claim each year. I know a few folks that love this pier and are too far away for a stroll…so for you …HB πŸ™‚


7 Responses to “Pier Views”

  1. Great shots. It makes me miss the ocean. I haven’t seen the Pacific in quite a while. The closest we have here is Lake Superior. Which is pretty amazing. But not quite the same. 8)

  2. I may get to check out Lake Superior on my upcoming road trip but it will probably be from the Canadian side. You must be in Minnesota? If I go through Minnesota I will roll down the car window, shout “QuoinMonkey” and wave πŸ™‚

  3. You are going to Canada? Spectacular views. Doesn’t matter which side of the lake you are on, the view of Superior is million dollar.

    Yes, I’m in Minnesota. And I try to get up to Lake Superior at least once a year. Will you be posting from your road trip?

  4. The ultimate destination is Nova Scotia but we will travel to see Indiana’s Amish Country, Pennsylvania’s Fallingwater (I’ve always wanted to see this beautiful house), New York’s Eastman House of Photography (where I will beg on my knees to see Alfred’s photos of Georgia), Maine’s Coast to see two particular lighthouses and hopefully the Isle au Haut, then a ferry to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, over Canada through Montana’s Grand Prismatic Hot Springs and back down. I only came up with these last night:) Heaven help me…I am still looking over maps but as much as 3 weeks (and my Husband’s patience for my endless “oh…stop there!”) will allow.
    I haven’t decided on the posting yet. I know I will have my laptop with me so it’s possible.
    If you know of something spectacular for photos…please let me in. πŸ™‚

  5. Sounds like a great trip. Liz and I saw Fallingwater a few years ago. It’s well worth the visit. If I remember correctly, they don’t allow photos inside. But all you want outside.

    I always wanted to see the Eastman House. That will be great. I did a similar trip through Maine and Canada. But have never seen Nova Scotia. Always wanted to. I bet you’ll get some great shots there.

    You know, Pennsylvania has Amish country, too? I lived in Montana for 8 years. Every day there is photo heaven. I hope you have a great trip. Sounds wonderful. Hope you post from the road. I just did that from my two week trip away. Really spiced up the blog energy.

  6. Good to know about Fallingwater. Maybe they’ll cave to my crooked grin…It’s quite persuasive! HA!
    I bought a Life book about “the 100 places you must see in your lifetime” and it mentions Indiana and the Amish. That’s where I got the idea. I actually didn’t know the Amish people lived anywhere but Pennsylvania!

    If I get a chance, I may go there as well but I’m not allowed anywhere near Gettysburg…not after my husband endured the battle re-enactment car tour on cd. (Abraham Lincoln is one of my hero’s). πŸ™‚

    oh…The Life book includes an area in your own state of called “Voyageurs” that looks very beautiful.

  7. Thanks for a wonderful look at HB. Yes, I miss it. And the number one reason I would go to HB.

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