A 4th HB Style

I live in a small town of approximately 200,000. I believe they were all trying to park on my street today. Some of them had so much junk to carry to the beach, I felt sorry for them and started giving rides in my Halloween golf cart! As I type this I can hear sirens, cherry bombs, bike bells, helicopters, children screaming MOM! and honking cars. Geez…Life at Huntington on the 4th.

We also have a parade. They says it’s the biggest West of the Mississippi. Well I don’t know about it being the biggest but I’d be willing to bet it’s the LONGEST! I have to say the highlight was the precision Trash can girls and their Queens, “Trash Queen”, “Recycle Queen” and “Green Waste Queen”. I also enjoyed one group of scouts on a float with one giant kid looking quite miserable amongst the tiny little ones next to him. Oh, and the cow-donkey looking thing sitting on the back of the square dancing float… …it was rather…unusual…

You know, I believe I could probably be in this parade too… as the biggest coffee drinker in the city. Yeah, me in a giant red, white and blue, recycled, paper cup costume on roller blades… This is some of what I saw today… You’ll get the idea. 🙂



One Response to “A 4th HB Style”

  1. Felt like I was back in HB! Joseph and I were just talking about our 4th of July visit to HB yesterday. I was conjuring up thoughts of sun and warmth. We were washed out yesterday. Constant rain and I don’t think the temp ever hit 70. That was a wonderful 4th. So, thanks for giving us a sunnier 4th of July!

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