List DAY

Today was list making and errand day… getting ready for the adventure. I find when I’ll be gone for a while I start making lists. I made a list for Nicole, my beautiful niece, who will be this years “house and cat sitter”. What to do about this and that… how to care for the fur children… you know all that exotic stuff like when the trash truck comes…

Then I made my “what to do if I die list”…for my sister’s about who gets what and how to go about it without taking a chain saw to my favorite big red reading chair. I’d like to out somewhat organized even though I know the Halloween World would lose a great source of income…

Then I picked up my lens from Canon, the one that reminds me it’s cheaper to repair a lens than your eyeball. That’s a whole different story… but I now have both…as good as ever.

I made my list for the “Friendly State Farm Agent” so if my photo gear decides to take a nose dive off a mountain or a stranger finds my bag left in a restaurant somewhere Nova Scotia… heck, I’ll be ready with my new policy! And just think how happy the stranger will be…

At work, being the scheduler, I find myself promising all the sales people the sun, moon and the stars because…who cares… I won’t be there…and their arms aren’t long enough to get to my neck 3000 mile away! HA!

Hopefully they won’t read this until I’m gone… My office has a lock on the outside of the door to keep “me” in rather than on the inside to keep “them” out. I’ve never fully understood this but they may get wind of it and reduce my intake of oxygen…Come to think of it…I don’t remember ever seeing the last scheduler come back to visit…

Anyway, I’m starting to get excited as I surround myself with little piles of things I don’t want to forget and enough maps to go around the world twice. I wonder just how much of my house will fit in my car?


8 Responses to “List DAY”

  1. as long as my stuff delivers on time HAVE FUN

  2. Dear God, the first of the sales people has read this… It was really nice getting to know you all… check my toothbrush in the bathroom at work for a DNA sample…

  3. Listen girl…Wing it – whatever you forget – buy it – you can justify two of everything right…?
    Have a great trip – be safe, take gr8 shots and enjoy yourself.

  4. juliane Says:

    You are gettin happy…Nicole is gettin happy too!

  5. Nicole,
    They are building Noah’s Ark next door…and I’m not kidding…and they start banging at 7am. If you stand on Grama’s roof with binaculars you can probably see it!

    And Mavis is resting up for a good round of “Cat Herding”in the back yard. It’s how I keep my weight down…

    And Lesa, thanks…I like that…two of everything…I wonder if Johnny Depp is available for this trip…

  6. Hey, I had dibs on Johhny. He’s going to be supplying me with gin tonics in Maine while I read my book on my little dock. How exotic is that!

  7. Just another thought. If you are traveling to any territory that has high heat and humidity, just two words – Baby Powder! Take a cool shower and then coat yourself like a powder sugar donut. You may look like a kabuki dancer but you’ll feel a whole lot better.

  8. cynthia elders Says:

    Lordy Heather, where did you go? You must have been packed when you were trying to fix my email in the great pacific northwest. Hey, I will find out from our sister where you have gone,to capture pieces of life.

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