So very lucky…

I have been frantic to get to this blog. I have a new friend at RedRavine that lives in Minnesota and was worried they might be near the city. I just read that everything’s ok. Thank God…thank God!

I can also tell you that Mike and I traveled over that very bridge…in that same rush hour traffic…1 day prior. We are so very lucky and I just cannot believe…yet again…we were close to another disaster. I remember looking at the clock, wondering how far we would get that night. It was 6:30pm.

I had XM radio put in my jeep prior to the trip and when I heard about the collapse the next day… I became physically ill and all I could do was cry and pray for those families. We rode along side those people, bumper to bumper…all coming home from work, just one day prior…and I can’t stop replaying it in my mind, nor stop thinking about the victims.

I remember commenting on both the beauty of the city and how cleanly it was for it’s size, compared to the many others I’ve seen.

I distinctly remember sitting on the bridge just after crossing University Road. We had gone to look at the city and the Twins arena, debating on whether to see the game. We decided against staying and went on. The 35W is about a mile or so from the arena. We were sitting in traffic on that bridge (the 35W) going north to transfer to another freeway. Mike commented on how we were going over the Mississippi river and I looked at it on the map. City crews were working on it off to the side so both lanes were still going (both north and south bound lanes on either side).

Today, while driving through North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Idaho…crews were under bridges, checking, checking, checking, to make sure of the safety of each.

My heart goes out to those folks that lost someone and to those that have someone still missing…

I feel guilty , yet so very grateful, that we were some of the lucky ones.


5 Responses to “So very lucky…”

  1. Many of our bridges were built over thirty years ago. I’m sure it will take them quite a while to determine what exactly caused the bridge to collapse. What a tragedy.

  2. Thanks for thinking of QM. I’ll let her know.

    Eerie, very eerie that you were on the bridge in rush hour traffic only 24 hours before.

  3. Heather, thanks so much for thinking of me. And I am just stunned that you were on the I-35 bridge a day prior. You can see first hand, in your mind’s eye, a picture of what the city looked like from the bridge. It’s part of your memory. And memories are powerful.

    It is a beautiful city. Isn’t it amazing how connected we all are? It’s not a small planet anymore.

    I’m glad you made the decision not to stay for the Twins game. And that you decided to keep rolling West. It’s good to be grateful. I am grateful, too.

  4. cynthia elders Says:

    Dear God, Heather, I read your blog at work tonight, wanted to see if you got home yet. I cannot believe you were on that bridge the evening before that horrible tragedy! Words fail me on this one, just so very glad you and Mike are alright. So sorry for those people and their families…

  5. Life can change in a blink of the eye.
    Today, driving home from Maine, we saw “road construction” signs, coming to find bridges also being checked in this part of the world.
    Thanking God that we (and you) make it home safe.

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