Three for the road…

Ok, let me just start by saying…I haven’t got a clue how I’ll will be showing the most interesting of the mass collection of photos that I’ve just taken… to you folks that actually follow this blog. With that said, I guess I’ll just start and see where I jump around to…

Do try to keep up people.

As anyone knows, when you take a road trip for any amount of time, you tend to see alot of trucks…unless of course you are not the driver and are left to sleep through the entire journey. It’s safe to say that even I cannot sleep for the duration of almost 10,000 miles and as I was the photographer…well it just wouldn’t have been prudent.

As for these trucks…well they greatly differ on what they carry and some… well you just really have to open your mouth and marvel them. Me, as a city slicker, I had no idea how some of that stuff got around to the various places… By gosh…I do now and it’s frightening!

The first photo, well I’d like to tell you I shot it on the road…but if I had, I would have had to be driving to get the truck on my left… so, I’ll just be honest and say it was at one of the first rest stops in Iowa. I really had to go badly because I tend to drink about 2 gallons of coffee a day… and then I saw it… just sitting there… all big and red…against that puffy clouded, blue sky. I call it my red, white and blue truck shot 🙂

The second photo is not anything special…just the trucker unaware that he kept us ALIVE in a Nebraska rain storm with lightening shooting all around. The sky kept getting blacker and then came the sheets of water. I think we might have gotten 2 inches total of rain last year in California… so experts in driving in the rain, we’re NOT and I am terrified of lightening! This truck was like a beacon of light…reflecting itself…and we followed it at a speed of his choosing, hanging on for dear life. The photo might be a bit blurry as my hands were shaking and I was yelling…”my God…we are going to die“… 🙂

The third photo…nothing special again, but it made me laugh out loud. I never thought I’d see the back of someone’s head on a massive truck…but there it was. I’d recognize Michael Jordan’s head anywhere and I’m not even a sports fan! I wonder what other heads are traveling the road? Or other body parts for that matter? Are people aware that this is happening? 🙂


3 Responses to “Three for the road…”

  1. tarariley23 Says:

    Heya… Your photographs are fabulous… Michael Jordan’s head is surely one to stick out… I think there’s probably many heads / body parts travelling all over the world… interesting…

  2. Wow! I love this, H!

  3. Yes, thank God for truckers! once we were going up to the Kern River and you couldn’t see past the front of the car the fog was so thick. suddenly a Truckers back tail lights appeared. We tailed him all the way to safety. Thank you to all the Truckers out there that help us in bad weather conditions. Thank you Big Rob! drive careful! ( great Photos H.)

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