9 Legs

This shot was taken in the County of Madison…yes folks, “THE” Madison County.

Dumb luck and I found the Bridges of Madison County. How was I suppose to know they were in Iowa and not Wisconsin? I had actually mapped out to go thru Madison, Wisconsin to see them on the drive back. As luck would have it, once again I needed to stop for water or something. We pulled off the road and I went into a tiny store. I saw something about the bridges and asked the girl at the counter what the sign meant. She said “why, yeeaisss (yes) mammm, they are right up the road yonder, about 10 miles”. I  spent a day shooting them as we found them on the map. And the first one had models! (Some of the rest had models too…I just waited for them to go away!)

About now you’re asking yourself…why did she call this 9 legs? That would be because the dog had 3 legs…and before you go and say “oh, poor doggie” that sucker had run down the steep side of a hill, into the river below, after something floating… before I ever got off the damn bridge to get his next photo…

Actually this photo reminds me of that movie “Stand By Me” more than the Bridges of Madison County…

The actual bridge photos…they’re coming…I just liked this 🙂



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