Man and Nature

There are a few things that both Man and Mother Nature play a hand in that create beauty in the blend. Several States across the US grow crops that we, as the consumers, take for granted. For instance…corn. I have eaten plenty of it in my time… savoring the fresh taste of corn and the salty, dripping butter while secretly picking kernels from my teeth.

As a child. I distinctly remember these corn holder things my Mother had. They were little plastic ears of yellow corn with little green plastic leaves. The prongs stuck into the corn and the idea was to keep the mess to a minimum. We were always missing one so there was never a complete set for all of us. My Father would make the sacrifice to be the odd one out, mastering the use of only one. Right now…I would be willing to bet there’s a few still in my Mother’s kitchen drawers.

Another crop is Sunflower seeds. Driving thru North Dakota, my Husband woke me up to see glorious fields full of sunflowers. I had him pull off the road so I could wade thru them. They were like tall, spindly people, all swaying with the wind and whispering in my ears. I sank into the warm, moist, dark earth and shot photo after photo with a big grin on my face.

Man and Mother Nature can argue as well. Some of the trees in Montana were dark and stick-like from an arson set fire. But I still found beauty in the graphic lines contrasting against the mountain range and in the swirling little shoots sprouting out to create new life from the ashes of the old.



3 Responses to “Man and Nature”

  1. I like these very much.

  2. These photographs are fantastic. Beautiful. And I love it that you had your husband stop so you could walk in the sunflower fields in North Dakota. Liz is from North Dakota. And I can picture you walking through your photograph.

    I also lived in Montana for a while. And that’s exactly the way I remember the acres that were burned by fire. Great post. Love reading about your travels.

  3. Thanks QM. Tell Liz she grew up in some amazingly beautiful country. I love both N. and S. Dakota and the people are so friendly. She must be wonderful:)

    You just reminded me of a funny story about Montana and a fly swatter. I’m going to have to tell that one soon!

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