We Fest

While traveling long distances by vehicle, you’re allowed to see sights that you just don’t see any other way. Yes, flying is faster…but I saw “We Fest” and you don’t see that from an airplane! This last weekend was the Lalapalooza Festival. For those of you cave dwellers… that’s an outdoor concert where music lovers can sit in the sun (or rain) all day and listen to a number of their favorite bands. I personally am at the stage in life where I prefer to get to the bathroom in a timely manner and I like to hear a “flush” at the end of my visit. I have seen all the concerts I’ve needed to see… while standing on the thin back of a chair holding a lighter. For goodness sake, they open cells phones now and show the illumination…

What does this have to do with “We Fest”…hell, I don’t know…seeing this bus just coincided with that concert and I made the connection. “We Fest” consisted of an old school bus,  lot’s of crap piled high in the back of it, 3 young men having the time of their lives and a set of well placed antlers. I assumed they were musicians, traveling to some small town…in the pouring down rain. We laughed and waved at each other as I took these photos… driving on a 2 lane highway in Minnesota.



One Response to “We Fest”

  1. remember the song double dutch bus…or get on the bus Gus.. forget about us Gus. Seeing that bus took me back.

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