Big Brown Bull…y

My first visit to a farm was in Iowa. I saw this lovely old farm and a group of photogentic looking livestock so I got my camera all set and jumped out of the jeep. The grass was really tall and I had to wade in until I found myself at the bottom of a ditch… pretty much eye level with the bovine.

I saw this light colored “steerish” looking guy and he seemed sort of happy to have his portrait captured. I felt he may have put in some previous modeling hours. He had that hautey…”go ahead and take my photo if you must” look.

He was followed closely by my idea of a picture perfect black and white cow. You know…the kind you see depicted on bedding and wall paper borders and kitchen canisters. ( I’m guessing a milk cow?) She looked quite docile and interested.

Then Border Patrolled showed. This big brown bully probably thought I was lost Paparazzi… wasn’t having any of it and took matters into his own hooves. We stared each other down for a while but with that thin barbed wire fence between us…I didn’t like my odds… even though I’m quite the sprinter when the need is there. He gave me one last warning and I never scrambled from a ditched faster…


3 Responses to “Big Brown Bull…y”

  1. Hey Rowdy, those cows liked you! he was just showing off for the camera.

  2. Bulls…pardon me

  3. Holly cow, H! That was one of those rodeo, Brahma bulls! Jeeezzzz!

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