Montreal from the roof top


Check out the tiny horse coming around the corner 🙂


9 Responses to “Montreal from the roof top”

  1. These are gorgeous!! I love the horse, and look at all the lights down where it is. Almost like a fire is happening on the streets.

  2. I just love that little horse. He’s my “Where’s Waldo”. I didn’t know if I had got him or not in the shot. It was very windy on that roof without rails. I was trying not to be blown off and steady my tri-pod on a very uneven roof simultaniously. I’m so happy to see his little body poking out!

  3. These are just beautiful! amazing shots.

  4. That top shot is amazing. Makes me want to visit Montreal. Took me a while to find the horse but I finally spotted it!

  5. Hey QM. Good to hear from you… safe and sound. My followers don’t know you live in Minnesota and were the friend I was worried about. All my best to you and your loved ones.

    You would love Montreal. I was checking out your photos on RR yesterday. I love all those graphic shots you have running down the side. I know you would do justice to Montreal. It’s amazing to see from the roofs st night…but pretty cool from the ground as well. The top shot is the back side of Notre Dame Cathedral. I never knew there were two! 🙂

  6. didn’t see a rider, was that horse just wandering around?

  7. Thanks,Heather. And thanks so much for thinking about me and everyone here in Minnesota. It sure has been a process with everything that has happened around the bridge.

    And thanks for checking out my photos. I’ve always loved shooting buildings, walls, windows, but lately have had a renewed interest. Your photographs are inspiring. I like the variety of images you shoot.

    BTW, I had no idea there were two Notre Dames either! And I was wondering along with c elders, where *was* the rider of that horse?

  8. Ah, that’s the real secret. It’s a horse drawn carriage ride…omitting the people. I rather liked the thought of my little horse running loose through the streets of Montreal…so…I only shot him. Took me 3 tries. 🙂 I like the on-lookers too. They add another dimension… as if the horse took them by surprise!

  9. Ah, how great! I hope revealing it doesn’t spoil it for others. I’m so happy to know though. It’s kind of like being let in on an inside punch line. Cool that you were able to capture it, minus the carriage. Thanks for sharing your secret!

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