Small town bar

On our recent travels, we came across this old bar. When we walked in, every eye turned and I assure you, I felt them all. There were alot of cowboy hats…and local town folks having lunch…and we looked slightly out of place. The waitress seemed nice enough so I asked her a few questions about the bar and broke the ice. She was telling me it was at least 70 years old when I saw the dog in the bar stool. Whenever I take out my camera, people either hide or want to know what’s going to happen next. Here, as luck would have it, they were interested.

The dog let me shoot his portrait and then I slid off my bar stool to take some photos around the room. When 4 gigantic, burly, tatted up Harley dudes strolled in, I sat back down and ordered some lunch. I think the woman’s Mother served me my “fried” fish and I think the woman’s daughter was clearing the tables. The Harley dudes ended up playing video games…laughing and talking among the rest. Funny how you think you should fear people…when there really is no need. That’s the difference between living careful in a big city and a visit to a small town.



8 Responses to “Small town bar”

  1. You were busy this weekend. Last I checked you were having computer problems. And then this morning, a bunch of new posts.

    I just had to comment on this one. Great photos, especially that last one with the dog. Sounds like a real local place. Good for you and your husband for venturing in.

  2. This man walked in with an ugly duck and sat down at the bar. The bar tender said get that stinky ugly thing out of here. The man said, don’t you talk to me like that! The bar tender said..I was talking to the duck.

  3. […] photography as well as the charming insights that the author presents.  I particularly enjoyed Small Town Bar, which describes the author’s experiences in such a colorful way. Here’s an excerpt: […]

  4. Hi there! I loved this post and featured it in a “Random Act of Linkness” on my blog.

    Have a great day!

  5. Thanks Bob…your going to make my hats too small for my head with your kind words.

  6. You deserve it!

  7. I like,
    and yeah, you were perceptive about fear – I guess fear is from the past: we expect NOW to be scary because it’s trigggering buried memories of THEN. Often, now turns out to be something else, and not to be feared.
    Apart from that, the dog is too much – if I had another dog, a collie would be high on the list.

  8. I will think about your words 94. They have great truth in them.

    I think the Dog was the only one in the room without pre-conceived judgments. I should have got his number. I believe I could have learned a great deal from him 🙂

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