The Henry Ford Museum

On this journey, I just had to take a few touristy shots but maybe you’ll let me refer to them as “photojournalism”. After all…I’m am trying to enlighten you to a place that few have boldly gone before. This is my most beloved museum and even though I hail from the West Coast…and no one I talk to has ever been there… ever!!!…I still try to explain to them what’s there…and usually with stars in my eyes. I love American History. If you do too, then get to Dearborn, Michigan and see the wonders of the Henry Ford Museum.

They’ve got the first car, the first buggy, the first diner, yes…it’s assembled, the first bicycles, cotton gin…heck they’ve got the first waffle iron! It’s like being in a gigantic old attic.

The brochure states: “Henry wasn’t collecting artifacts. He was collection the ideas that gave birth to them. He was determined to pay tribute to American innovation and chronicle the tales of people who’s vision and boldness changed the world. ” Just go see it for yourself …ok?

The first photo is of a scary looking black car. That car was holding President John F. Kennedy on his fateful drive in Texas. Believe it or not, the sign next to it says it was used for two President after him. My goodness, how frugal were we back then?

Next is a portion of the many buggies, barouches and coaches Americans like ourselves would have used in those early days. I would love to go back in time (for a moment) to stroll the park with my pair of matched, trotting grays…and then promptly return to satellite radio and my hair dryer.

The third photo is of a flag and vehicle used by the Suffragettes who worked tirelessly, fighting for Women of the past and the future of the present right to vote…among other things…and sadly, it wasn’t that long ago people!

Next would be the actual bus where a tiny woman named Rosa Parks sparked a Nation’s social conscience. Second horizontal seat on the left… Can you imagine her fear…and her strength?

Fifth would be our Founding Father’s bed roll that traveled with him during the Revolutionary War. That sleeping bag and air mattress you take camping doesn’t look so bad to ya now, does it? And this guy was simply founding a Nation while trying to keep his back from going out…and I won’t even go into the teeth.

Sixth is the chair that my own Hero (President Lincoln) was assassinated in. His blood stains stand as an eerie reminder of the price he paid for the dreams he dared to in-vision into a reality…in the shadows of a Country divided.

Lastly…and this one makes me smile…is the Oscar Meyer Wiener car. When I was a small kid, this baby would roll up to the neighborhood convenience store and make each kid’s day by passing out little whistles shaped just like this car. We would all line up single file, anticipation growing, for the thing that would drive adults crazy…and a chance to go tweeting and blowing up and down the streets.


3 Responses to “The Henry Ford Museum”

  1. I lived in Michigan for a short period and I think I visited the museum at least once a month. It is on my list of ‘top favorite museums.’ Thank you for bringing back such great memories!

  2. What heart felt shots these are. To imagine the history behind these photographs, and what it meant for people living then and now is really unbelievable. Fantastic!

  3. C. Elders Says:

    Wow,H, those are great pictures! I want to go there now. I thought there were just cars there. The President Lincoln chair, man…

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