Abandon in Iowa

Verse: William Cowper

I am out of humanity’s reach.
I must finish my journey alone,
Never hear the sweet music of speech;
I start at the sound of my own.
The beasts that roam over the plain
My form with indifference see;
They are so unacquainted with man,
Their tameness is shocking to me.



5 Responses to “Abandon in Iowa”

  1. The angle reminds me of being small and looking up at the house or inside. It adds a mood that’s fitting to the subject.

  2. Great angle on these. Kind of Hitchcockish. At the same time, in the second image, the place has a certain elegance to it. I can imagine these in Iowa. For some reason, this place doesn’t seem sad to me. Maybe the verse you included gives it a certain power.

  3. It’s was really very beautiful, with the corn field and blue sky. I found it more inspiring than sad. I have a color photo that I’m going to show that will give you a better idea.

    That connection to Hitchcock…I had to laugh out loud…, when kindred spirits find each other, it’s a very cool thing.

    From 8 years old to an embarrasing 14…and occasionally today…I put a rather large pillow under my shirt and do a pretty darn good imitation of the ol’ boy. I think I’ll go try it right now! “GOOOODDD EVENIIINGG”

  4. Ladies and gentlemen. 🙂

  5. Oh, wish I could have seen the Hitchcock imitation! I’ll just have to use my imagination.8)

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