A personal preference

When deciding how to show a finished, processed photo…I find that some just feel better to me as a black and white…even when their little hearts are set on being in living color.

When looking at prospective photos for printing or this blog, I typically can look at one and decide right away…”oh, that’s should be color or…no, that one should be sepia…”depending on the mood I’m trying to create for the viewer.

Here I share 3 different photos… all 3 in color and then again in black and white…actually… one in sepia brown. It felt better that way. Judge for yourself …what makes a photo come to life for you?



8 Responses to “A personal preference”

  1. desertrose0601 Says:

    I liked the first one in color – the way the light plays with the colors is awesome. And the 2nd two I liked in b/w – it shows off the architecture and lines better.

  2. If it has a memory with it. A photo of your child when she or he was young. That makes it come to life. Photos that I don’t recognize can be beautiful works of art..like yours. When I read your stories and see the photos its like being on a journey..where will H. go next.

  3. First – Colour – shows dreamy setting.
    Second – Colour – conveys bleakness.
    Third – B&W – dresses it up & shows texture.

  4. For me, in each of these, the color seems to talk of the animating feature of lives that were there, but are now gone, and contrasting with the deterioration, it makes each of the pics more poignant. Knowing what you want to illustrate with each picture, being able to choose b&w or color is all the fun of blog, yes?

  5. All three of these, first of all, reminded me of paintings. Especially the second one, I thought was a photo of a painting. That was sort of strange. Was there something that might have produced that effect.

    Having said that, they all seemed more natural in color (since they looked like paintings). I liked the first one the most, and I liked it both in b/w and color, although the color had a certain green that reminded me of pears or quinces. Unusual.

  6. I tend to use my beloved 16-35mm lens that allows me some unusual angles. I also have a tendency to shoot and develop with a painterly like quality which I’m rather fond of. When the second photo was taken…I did a double take because of what i saw. The actual raw photo did look like a painting. I came by the process accidentally… but that’s usually how I discover everything I do and everyone I meet and like.

    Not everyone picks up on that yb… You are very observant. Probably the artist in you.

    I enjoy fine art photographer rather than what is the current trend or haute topic. I look through alot of photography magazines and many times am dissapointed in “who makes it” and “what sells” and “why”. But magazines like “Focus” and “Lenswork” really spotlight some tremendously talent people.

    That is not to say I don’t enjoy and understand Modern art. I just think people are too willing to accept that a fluorescent light bulb lit and leaning on a wall is art. I don’t buy it. Now add some paper cut outs to it and reflect those cut out shapes in silloette onto an opposite wall…and I may šŸ™‚

    I’m rather fond of all 3 photos but 444 hits it with the texture comment. It best represents what I like when I look at a subject. The actual print of this photo shows texture in great detail and the angle is typical of my style.

  7. This is a great post – comparing b&w to color, side by side. When I shot film, it was all b&w and darkroom work. Now that I am digital, I’m working almost exclusively in color.

    Your b&w shots make me homesick for the darkroom again, even though I know you did them digitally.

    I agree – b&w is all about textures and shapes without the distraction of color. I do love it as a medium. Yet digital has opened a whole new world to me around color.

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