Belfast uses Hairspray…

On our recent road trip across the US heading towards Nova Scotia, we visited the tiny working town of Belfast, Maine. We were pleased to find a very friendly little fishing village with a population, I’m guessing now, of about 7000 people. Apparently they lay claim to the oldest shoe maker…or was it store… in the States. They also hide a wonderful secret… their restaurant called Darby’s. It’s a small pub that was built in 1865 and has been passed down from generations of the same family. The bread alone…yummy and I won’t go into the seafood. The bill we received at the end of our meal stated “Time flies like the winds…fruit flies like bananas”… Don’t ya just love a small town.

Steps away from Darby’s is the old Historic Colonial Theater, which opened it 1912, the same day the Titanic set sail. While we were there, they were having their opening debut of the remake “Hairspray”…and I can tell you…the whole town was really into it. 🙂



5 Responses to “Belfast uses Hairspray…”

  1. We did Belfast and preferred it to touristy Booth Bay. Both are nice, but we like the quaintness of Belfest. I’m surprised you didn’t sit in for one of those beehive doos. That would have been a sight!

  2. That is hilarious! Did you get your ‘do-on?

  3. I was too busy crawling around on the ground 🙂

  4. Oh, man, that is great!

  5. LOL, I needed that. I love small towns. They are the heart and soul of a country.

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