What if Claude borrowed my camera?

As I study these lillies shot in New York

A funny notion keeps recurring to me

What if I had a visitor come from the past

Asking to borrow my most beloved 5D


10 Responses to “What if Claude borrowed my camera?”

  1. You’d say yes, if it was Claude.

  2. H, those pictures are gorgeous! They look like Monet and Andy Warhol mixed together.

  3. […] camera ?” is the question this blogger asked him/her-self. Would he be wanting to borrow the camera in the first place ? sn’t […]

  4. I like Turtles

  5. In answer to Artinthepicture, I believe Claude’s creative mind would have grabbed the chance to try another medium in this new age.

    Photography was not considered an “Art Form” until close to his death when his eyesight was gone. People with talent and wisdom like Steiglitz, A.Adams, Weston and a host of other’s convinced the world that photography was indeed an Art.

    I have yet to find a creative person who doesn’t have an interest in many mediums be it painting, sculpture, writing, photography or even colorful cooking and doesn’t excell in most.

    So yes, I believe, given the chance in the modern times, without having to tote a bag full of chemicals, glass plates and a rather large camera that would have been the only thing available to him in his lifetime, he would have loved and excelled in photography. I only worry that he may have kept my 5D! 🙂

  6. I’m feeling a bit like all I ever say is “wow, ah, wonderful,” but please allow me one more time: wow, ah, wonderful! I would hang this up in my home!

  7. Send me the address and I’ll pop it in the mail…
    ahh, but which one? Claude’s or mine?
    🙂 H
    PS…”Wow’s” are always appreciated

  8. Lol, I love your answer to the questions I’ve posed :).

  9. I love them both, and side-by-side they are the coolest. But yours is perfect without Claude’s help ; – )

  10. The bottom one looks like a painting. I wish it were a poster on my wall.

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