Mangie Wrangie

On every trip we make, I always include my beloved Mangie Wrangie.

Mangie was all the rage in Nova Scotia and PEI. First of all, not many people had seen the newer 4 door wrangler… let alone someone who actually drove from California… Now I know how it would feel to be a Rock Star. As exciting as it was, I let my husband do all the talking while I escaped to find something to photograph. Unfortunately he doesn’t know anything about the engine and all the manly stuff they want to ask. That’s the kind of thing I tend to know. But he makes it up as he goes… I think Mangie has 16 cylinders at last count 🙂

He did know about the gas though… after 9970 miles…

I chose this photo because of my fetish with a highlighter pen and Michelin Map… directing our way into the unknown.


4 Responses to “Mangie Wrangie”

  1. Nice wheels. Is that road sign for real?!

  2. Did you find Girl Guide Camp Road to be more gnarly than, say, the Boy Guide Camp Road? (hee hee)

  3. I would counter with a photo of my bicycle – except I don’t even have two wheels, let alone four. (Spend too much money on oriental carpets.) for further meditations on synchronicity etc – you see, you’ve got me going now!

  4. The road sign is definitely real. It’s was a crack up QM.

    Never saw Boy Guide YB but no doubt it was there some where!

    Oriental carpets…94…now that sounds quite cool. My Father was the only Caucasian “Japanese” Landscape designer I ever knew so I acquired a taste for Asian design early on. My closet will attest to that 🙂

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