Lost Vegas is coming

A little update for all of the many Halloween fans that like to be kept apprised of the antics that begin this time of year. Never fear…the Queen of Halloween is busy keeping up her part for the festivities. As luck would have it, while sitting at the local breakfast bar, chewing on a biscuit, I was tapped on the shoulder from behind. Low and behold, it was my mannequin benefactor of years gone by. He asked about this years theme and I told him of my (so far) unlucky search to find a big enough piece of white plexi-glass for the focal point of the scheme inside my brain. I’m of course going to build a 13 foot model of the Las Vegas sign and need it to be perfect. His face lit up when I told him of my plans… He said he knew just the folks that would have the very thing I was searching for. I believe by the time my biscuit was consumed, he was talking about helping me build the whole thing. He’s an old hand at creating elaborate things so I left quite happy about it all. I was off to the swapmeet to see what prop finds I might add to an already great start.

As luck would have it, I ran into a guy selling old tuxedo getups. I asked how much and was told 50.00 which I knew I didn’t want to spend. I explained that I solely fund a large Halloween event for the kids in my city and suddenly everything changed. I walked away with 4 long black tuxedo jackets with matching pants, 4 beautiful white shirts (40’s looking), 4 different satin vest with matching ties… for 90.00 bucks. I was also handed a card and asked to if he could come to the shindig. Happily, Larry and I shook hands and I was off. My 7 foot gangsters are going to be lookin’ good. Oh, I also snagged a bright fuchsia ostrich feather boa with silver strands (which my husband would not let me wear thru the parking lot to the car). Let the madness begin. :0


Here she is…Of course…mine will welcome you to “Lost Vegas”…

3 Responses to “Lost Vegas is coming”

  1. This is the most wonderful fantasy filled Halloween Extravaganza you can imagine. Each year it is filled with scenes galore of creative genius. It is truly unbelievable! Tons of candy..fun and unbelievable sets. It’s Magic.

  2. That tune from Steely Dan keeps going thru my head “Goin’ to Lost Wages”. This should be good…. Joseph is mad. “We never get to see Halloween at Auntie Heather’s.” Someday I will have to take him out of school to experience the madness of Auntie H.

  3. Wow. I love that you’re going to create this chronicle of Lost Vegas. Have you given thought to what the spookiest part of it is going to be? Ghosts of old gamblers, performers, what?? I can’t wait to hear.

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