Dougan of PEI

When ever traveling, I love to meet the local people and see how they live, eat what they eat and generally try to fit in as temporary “local” . When arriving at Prince Edward Island… it was a bit hard to blend in with a bright red jeep with California License plates… But the people of PEI still took to my husband and I and made us feel quite at home. It was at our first stop at the local petrol station that we met Dougan’s owner. I never got her name but she was a very sweet, tall woman with a generous smile…and she was very proud of her shaggy, 4 legged child.

In PEI, the people who work at the stations fill up your car…a novel idea…but one I can still remember when there was such a thing as “full service” in the States. While this woman filled the jeep, my husband stop to use the facilities as I continued to perused the local maps. He came outside with such excitement…claiming “you’ve got to see this! Now what you readers don’t know is that usually when I hear this uttered from his lips it involves something on the television like…an LA car chase, a sport event of some nature that I don’t even understand…or people fighting on Jerry Springer. Every time I get up from something I’m involved in, (definitely not anything on TV) I walk in the room knowing it’s probably another idiotic thing that I have no interest in…but still, I never take a chance of missing it “just in case”… and it usually ends with me making the same face, walking out of the room as my husband’s silent, laughing eyes follow.

Well, this time I went in search of what was at the end of ” you’ve got to see this” …I was both startled and pleased at the sight. The petrol lady followed me in saying..”oh that would be Dougan” in her slightly lilting accent. She was absolutely beaming as she said it. She went on to tell me that Dougan was an Irish Wolfhound, seven years old…that he stood 7 foot 2 inch and weighed 135 pounds. It was love at first sight for me and Dougan grinned back with a slight pink tip of tongue hanging out.

The petrol lady got out the Milkbones when she saw my camera. She wanted Dougan’s height shown to it’s full advantage and.. as Dougan loved Milkbones…he seemed to have no aversion to being photographed…I proceeded to take his portrait. Now I had never seen an Irish Wolfhound before. I’ve always had cats… But I’ve heard my buddy Kathy talk longingly about having one for years. And now…I know why. What a sweet tempered, gentle giant…he was. I wanted to make sure you all met shaggy, charming Dougan of PEI. Especially Kathy’s husband…Patrick 🙂

I do apologize for the greenish cast color…but you try shooting in a garage with old fluorescents as the only light source 😉



5 Responses to “Dougan of PEI”

  1. That is quite a dog! what a sweetheart he is!

  2. Oh what a babydoll! I’m still working on this with my hubby. I’m pushing the Wolfhound rescue programs as he is more inclined to accept a big doggie that way. I still get the “face”, but it is starting to look like he is resigning to the fact it may happen one day. 😉 He didn’t want a small dog and we ended up with our little doxie/shepherd mix Ziggy who is a loveable bonehead.

  3. Oh, fabulous pictures. You can tell that Dougan has got that ‘Milkbone Routine’ down to a science. The feet on the desk, head in the rafters shot is priceless.

  4. I love the shot where Dougan is looking head on at the camera. He has a great expression about him.

  5. Wow, that’s a giant dog! He looks very sweet, though.

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