Losing substance

Beware… lest you lose the substance… by grasping at the shadow.




7 Responses to “Losing substance”

  1. very intriguing photograph…

  2. Ok…I think this is a Hyde Hall or Periwinkle vine, on the other hand, it could be a Jessamine or Silver vine. Clever girl!

  3. N. said its a pile of wood.

  4. I like the graphic quality of this photograph. And the use of line. Where did you take this one?

  5. QM,
    This was at a lumber mill on Prince Edward Island. I was a bit torn looking at this pile of logs. I both loved the visual it represented graphically but being a nature lover, saddened by the loss.

    The Aesop quote I used in the two ways I had felt …my never ending question “what do I see first”…the darkness of the photo or the graphic created by the lighter pattern set against it…But the other thought as well…As Man continues to use up all the natural resources for only this particular moment in time, he fails to recognise the impact on the future generations who will not only live with the loss of beauty but face the consequences of the environmental impact.

    I know these trees were young and grown solely for the use this mill intended, otherwise they may have never existed at all. And I understand the need to cut (and burn) trees for safety…but as the daughter of a landscaper…I still “feel” something when I cut a single rose. I also know many older, beautiful trees gone forever for the sake of a condo, a parking lot or the widening of a road…

  6. I can’t help but think Mr A. Adams would really like this one. On the subject of logging trees, it is a crying shame what’s going on up here..

  7. Ah, Prince Edward Island. You bring up the good point about responsibility around the images we as photographers capture and release to the world. I know the feeling of having mixed emotions about the graphics and beauty versus the content of a photograph.

    When I lived in Montana, logging was big business and very controversial. Now it’s a world-wide subject of debate. Thanks for sharing.

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