3 Responses to “1788”

  1. Where was this one, Heather? Looks like they just plopped a house down out in a pasture. Makes a thought provoking photograph. But all of your pictures do that..

  2. A Mom, a dad… a good side a bad side. The home. It is ok though, because the great man has power over the way in. So you know it will be ok.

  3. Cindy,

    This was on the road between the memorial to the plane that went down in Nova Scotia (the thing that drew me to go there in the first place) and a Place called Peggy’s Cove.

    I have to tell you that it was a strange feeling that drew me to this area…then a stranger thing to be standing at Peggy’s Cove…knowing I had never been there before but feeling like I had.

    I went to see a local artist in a small house, on my never ending search for “the perfect old ship in a storm” painting and after talking about her inspirations for her own paintings, I whispered to her my secret. I told her that I could swear I had stood on the very cliffs below her home…and I knew no earthly reason why. The look on her face was one of total understanding…instead of looking upon some crazy person.

    I don’t know if my odd love for old ships and sunken treasures is making me loopy but I could swear I was a pirate in another life! And I can never seem to find the right painting of the ship I’m looking for. I’ll just know it when I see it snd I’ve been looking for over 30 years! Or maybe it’s you that needs to paint it for me?

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