Right Place, Wrong Time

I have a friend that refers to me as a “soup sandwich”. I have this strange, unorganized ability to fall into things by total accident.

Case in point:

The conversation:

“Why Miss…that’s a really nice lens…”

“Thank you!… Is it ok if I go into the area and shoot?”

“Sure…you’re a little early though…most of the photographers won’t get here until 6:30.”

“I’m sorry?”

“Well, you know…the sun doesn’t set until around 7pm.”

“But I just want to shoot that laundry”……. 😉

3 Responses to “Right Place, Wrong Time”

  1. Hello Heather, how are you?
    My daughter’s a sort of photographer – another coincidence! (‘sort of’ is where you don’t make a living from it – she teaches it for a living)
    I like your laundry – defining the wind.

    Your picture was full of wind –
    not because the house told me
    or the cat’s tail;

    the laundry
    gave the wind’s game

  2. Hello 94…I’m just great. I start my new hours at work Monday…9am to 3:30…and I’m really looking forward to it.

    I would love you’re Daughter 94. More often than not, the most talented Artist’s never make money doing what they love…but they still keep at it. One only has to look back in time…all those brilliant people and no one realized just how brilliant… until they were gone.

    Being successful sometimes just comes down to plain old luck…or possible annoying just the right people long enough that they’ll do anything to make you go away.

    The really generous, dedicated Artist’s (like your Daughter) pass their knowledge on…a true gift. You raised her right!

  3. The laundry hanging on the line, flowing in the wind, is such a great shot. It captures the motion. We often think of shirts or sheets “whipping” in the wind, and that word evokes the image of a sharp, harsh wind. The clothing in your shot is flowing, not whipping. It’s flying, free and loose, as if it’s having fun out there on that line.

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