The Blonds of PEI

I love horses. I don’t get to be around them much…only on trips… but I love their intelligent, good natured attitudes. I was around alot of live stock this trip…mostly them running with me chasing after them. I don’t recommend this as a way to get a natural portrait. It has many drawbacks. Farmer’s with weaponry comes to the forefront…, holes one may fall in, not to mention bulls tend to get a bit angry. But horses…they are generally ok with the whole idea. Well, except the time with the truck, the hay and pitchfork…I haven’t found those shots yet…come to think of that episode…whew!

Anyway, I met these charming blonds on Prince Edward Island. They were gracious, good listeners and were fairly patient yet coy models. I did ask them “if they had more fun” and received a rather saucy wink from a long lashed, dreamy brown eye. I guess that settles that!


One Response to “The Blonds of PEI”

  1. They remind me of work horses, like they could pull lots of weight.

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