Beauty in the eye of the beholder


While traveling thru different areas…after seeing several of these old, withered barns left abandon, I began to wonder….Do these folks that own these lands keep them because they’re historic and therefore banned from being demolished? Or is it more sentimental? Is it about trying to keep a connection between generation after generation of the same family?  Maybe these barns are just too much trouble to pull down or even too dangerous?

My heart wants to tell me in some cases… just maybe… they saw the same beauty in them that I did. 🙂

One Response to “Beauty in the eye of the beholder”

  1. Heather, we have a lot of these old barns in various states of falling apart, up here too. I asked Dougie why they are just left to deteriorate, he said it is because it is dangerous to dismantle them and they just end up going back to the Earth anyway…

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