Today began with hope

Today began with hope, turning to self doubt and then to a knowing acceptance. There are things in your life that cannot be controlled. You cannot wear sandals and expect dry feet in the rain… You can choose to either enjoy the sudden wetness between your toes or you can find misery in the water that makes your feet slip. After all this time, I still try to wake each day with love in my heart and a smile on my face. I try to live life with laughter and love and accept loss with dignity and grace. It’s not everyday that I am successful. Today began with hope. Today ends in reflection. And tomorrow… I will try again to be a better person…


3 Responses to “Today began with hope”

  1. Very thoughtful and insightful words to live by……….

    They inspired me today…..thanks.

  2. me, too. (I’ll try to be a better person.)

  3. This picture is somehow very spiritual..

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