The Hector

A amazing replica of the old Dutch boot ship “Hector” sits in the beautiful Harbor of Pictou (pronounced pick-too) in Nova Scotia. The original Hector, a cargo ship, landed at Brown’s Point in Pictou Harbour with 189 passengers aboard on September 15th, 1773. These thirty-three families and twenty-five single men began the first Scottish settlement in Nova Scotia and what is now the town of Pictou. Thereafter many other Scots followed the people of the Hector to New Scotland.

Now I can tell you, alot of these folks speak with a Scotish burr and they take their tall ship quite seriously. I was set straight by an 80 something year old women, who first made sure I could properly pronounce her town’s name…apparently I kept making it sound French, (which seemed to distress her greatly)… and she wanted to make sure I got a good, clear shot of the crows nest blown clear off in last storm… for the 3rd time… A fact she seemed quite proud of. Hey… who was I to argue? She had bright pink crocks on and she looked like she could take me!

I snapped a few off and showed her. She seemed pleased enough and allowed me to continue. I gave it the old American try and took around 50 to at least appear like I was showing the proper respect…which seemed to satisfy her enough to smile and move on down the road. She was a charmer, she was! It’s a good thing I didn’t tell her I was a Pirate in another life! HA!

The town of Pictou is full of the most wonderful people (and the best food). The owners of the bed and breakfast (well sort of, it had 40 rooms) opened their entire parlor to me so I could sit in an area large enough to download photos and burn CD’s. Another Scotian businessman joined me with his laptop and told me some of the local gossip. The lady of the home came in to chit chat every so often and was very excited to learn I was shooting mostly old white churches. She showed me an article in local paper about a couple who had recently purchased one and had renovated it to live in as their new home. It turned out really lovely. Then her husband came down to show me his new camera and it’s ingenious bag. He was using a vinyl lunch bag which I thought was a pretty cool idea and it actually worked really well for the type of camera he had chosen. It made him smile with pride.

When the lights went out, I was left on my own… to work in the silence of this beautiful, antique filled room with burgundy velvet couches and cherry wood tables and a totally full bowl of chocolate mints. But I did have a secret laugh to myself when some late arriving guests were trying to find their way to their room. I could hear them bumping things… in the darkness… and whispering in French. 😉



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  1. You really do have some old salt in your blood.

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