Small Town

You know you’re in a small town when the resident’s names are hand whittled and painted into a road sign…

and I’m guessing Ella’s one popular Lady!


4 Responses to “Small Town”

  1. Great picture.. looks like a place I would like to go.

  2. So much for anonymity.

  3. Heather, what state is this in?
    I’ve never seen such a sign before.

    Everyone must be important in the town.

  4. Hi Alan!

    This was on a dirt road in Iowa. I love going off main highways just to see what’s there. I’m very curious about new territories. I would drive around the entire world if it were possible. What caught my attention were some really large dandelions growing in the area. While I was tromping around thru the grass, I ran into this sign by the road. It cracked me up. I love ybonesy’s statement…so much for anonymity. That was my very thought when I saw it. 🙂

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