Skelvis and Segal

A few of you asked to see “what the heck is going on” in Halloween Land………well, this is (in between glue gun burns and splinters)
Lost Vegas presents Skelvis and his old friend Bugsy Segal in RGB. 😉


I’m sorry to tell you…Rocky and No-Neck Nick absolutely refused to sit for the photo shoot…

4 Responses to “Skelvis and Segal”

  1. I never knew bones could look so good! the last guy is right out of an old horror film. I expect to see Vincent Price any minute…just grand!

  2. Skelvis is stupendous. I still can’t believe you do this. Someone should make a documentary of you.

  3. I can just see it…National Geographic presents “Strange people and their eccentric hobbies”…OR “when families should seek help for their loved ones”! HA!

  4. wow, I’m impressed. infinitely.

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