The Halloween Team

In the making of all the Halloween sets for the past 10 years…
there has always been the Halloween Team.

These professionals…such as they are…demonstrate the proper procedures
in building to avoid distaster. Note the meticulous aim and proper usage of tools…
Thank God they don’t build Homes 🙂

This is the beginning of the archway entrance for “Lost Vegas”…
and it lights up…if any lights survived…

It doesn’t look like much here, but everything has been wrapped
with colored foil and has tiny matching colored lights popping through.
The idea is to have the foil glow behind the lights…and yes, it works 😉



6 Responses to “The Halloween Team”

  1. Can’t tell they are brothers. It must be the matching six-pack abs. My first thought – it was Mike on the roof, but then I remembered how handy he was with power tools and rethought – it’s Mitch.

  2. Mitch always gets on the roof. Mike directs from the ground while I yell at them both. The next day Mitch could not bend his knees and Mike walked like the hunchback of Notre Dame. How do you like the Taj Mahal going up next door Kathy? It has 5 fireplaces, 5 jaccuzzi tubs and is 4 times the size of my house. The owner wants to see Catalina but I’ve been in it and you can see Mother Russia.

    They “donated” alot of wood for this years theme 😉

  3. I saw that in the background; I couldn’t believe it and said to Patrick, “Oh, I bet Heather is loving that!” How in the heck are they fitting it on that small piece of property. Obviously not much leg room outside the abode.

  4. It has about 10 feet of yard in both front and back…so with a shoe horn. It looks like every designer magazine for the last year rolled into one.

    We have the only backyard that is still somewhat private. He was pretty kind with the windows on our side. He’s buying queen palms to put between his house and ours and is picking up 2 extra for our backyard. That should completely block the view.

    You know me, as long as I have my privacy and they are not parking in front of my house or knocking on the door to make communication…I’m ok.

    The rest of the neighbors are at war. I like to sit in a lawn chair and watch the fur fly. It’s hilarious. I should call that Jerry Springer guy.

  5. I know what you mean about privacy. You certainly don’t want to give them a free show when you are herding your fat kitties around the backyard in your underwear. ;-D

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