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The transformation Begins

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This was a busy weekend and as I sit to write this post, I have black paint on my knuckles and in the inner corner of my left eye, I can distinctly see glitter, glinting on my nose, I have a bad blister from a glue gun burn on my ring finger trying to re-glue a bone finger back on, a large lump on the front of my head from walking into a wood beam and one broken fingernail… Things are off and running!

We started this day transforming the garage into a bar / Vegas type lounge… I’m proud to say it’s well on it’s way. Skelvis’s stage is almost completed and has two lovely show girls at attention on either side. There is a guest sitting, getting ready to enjoy a nice glass of…well, whichever bottle she picks…I suppose. Jamie came in and did a wonderful Zebra pattern on the red walls that finished them off really nicely. We spoke on the phone and I had mentioned Zebra but she was thinking Leopard would look richer. I just knew when she saw the red, she’d change her mind and she did. She even blew very fine granulated glitter into the black and it sparkles beautifully in the dusky light. She loved it when it was done…always a good sign when an Artist completes something and is happy with the outcome. I think it’s terrific and even more special because I know she did it for me.

I worked around her… completing the show girls. I never know exactly what I’m going to do… gathering bits of this… and scraps of that… While twisting fabric around one mannequin, a helpful (single guy) neighbor asked for “Double D’s and I told him I would do what I could but I only had so much stuffing! See below the transformation starting of my old garage…