I caught them…

Today, after coming home from 6-1/2 grueling hours of tough labor….what do I find?

Outside the mannequin’s, not previously assigned duties, had completely taken over my Halloween mobile. They were whooping it up and acting quite inappropriately for such a serious time of year.

Then…I walked into my own house and the Devil was having a meeting, discussing each actors part and how the drama should unfold…and I’m the darn Director! The Bride and Groom, whom are young and impressionable, were convince I was only his assistant! I had to threaten to not let him wear his big red wings. Sometimes you just have to take him by the horns!

I got in a little time working with the lighting…but not much!


3 Responses to “I caught them…”

  1. Hmmm…I thought this was *your* wackiness, but it’s looking like your husband has caught the Halloween fever, too.

  2. yb, the mannequins are a combo of my brother-in-law and husband…I think they love Halloween too when they are caught up in it…though won’t admit it. I just left the garage and one is hanging from the car with his foot in the mouth of one of my rabid dogs. The livingroom meeting…I actually set up (a secret). I arrange them each year so the kids can look through my big window and see some of what’s going on. It helps the little ones get used to them…I like to see all the nose prints when I come home.

  3. outstanding! #4 is the best Ive ever seen..(anywhere)

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