As each year’s festivities unfold, the dog walkers appear in amazing numbers…then there’s the parade of what I refer to as the “car gawkers”. They don’t want anyone to know they are peeking but when they rubber neck at a speed slower than my 84 year old Mother can walk…it’s fairly safe to say…they are peeking.

Then there are those, like this weekend… One lady inquired “Is this a garage sale?” This happened, mind you, while I was dressing a seven foot skeleton in a tuxedo…

What I enjoy are the kids. Kids are just direct…”What’s going on here?”…”What’s the theme this year?”…”Can I help?” They are excited and don’t care who knows it.

This picture is of 2 girls that came by for some costume tips. I usually have a few up a sleeve. I took their likeness and tried to get a photo of their dog. In the end, they were so sweet…I just didn’t have the heart to tell them …that their beloved Dog’s a Vampire…



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