Each year my buddy Dan and I make a poster for the yearly Halloween event. I design it and build it, Dan fixes the files or rebuilds it so it will print on his Digital Press and then runs it. We make quite a team. He squirms at first because he knows how meticulous I can be with details…secretly he loves doing it. I’ve omitted my address for obvious reasons, but the rest is what the folks will see hanging up around the city shortly.



10 Responses to “THE POSTER”

  1. METICULOUS!! YOU?! Hmmmm, I think every salesperson in the store runs and hides when you’re looking for a gift. They know they’ll have to pull out the entire stockroom until you find that one item without any inperfections. 😉 You meticulous? Pshhh, the thought.

  2. This is what happens when a person that has known you since you were eleven comments on a blog…

  3. she means meticulous in an abstract sort of way

  4. You could say…sarcastic, you? 🙂

    The poster is fabuloso. I know you’ve taken away the address, but I find myself wondering lately, what state do you live in? And also, is there a big party (with friends, family, neighbors) going on in the house as well as the trick-or-treat thing? Or are all the adults focused on “putting on” the treat for the kids?

  5. p.s., I used to know what state you lived in, but that was before my brain got filled up with a bunch more bloggers (and before I got a senior moment happening).

  6. yb, I live in So. Cal. (hence the sandals all year round).

    Most of my Family tribe will show…this is the first year for my oldest Sister (the painter)and her son, my Nephew Jess. They live in Washington.

    The neighbors refer to it as a Halloween party…I have never thought of it that way but I guess it really is. We get as many adults as children…though many are not from my neighborhood.

    A funny thing happened a while back…in that I’m not a person that generally socializes with the neighbors. I’m actually quite private. I am always in costume and usually wearing my long black wig ( I’m really a Blond) so most people don’t even know what I actually look like.

    One year, it was Election time and I went to the local place to cast my vote. I started looking at all the people in line waiting for a booth and they almost all looked familiar to me and I couldn’t figure out why. None of them said anything to me (like they knew me) so I started feeling like I was in the twilight zone. Then all of a sudden, it dawned on me, these people had been to Halloween a few days before. It cracked me up…still does now.

    My middle sister has my black wig this year but I’ll sport a mustache and my hair will be inside my ganster hat…so my cover is still intact!

  7. It is more like a Halloween fair. There is entertainment, decorations (not in a small way) Much, much candy…you can just walk around for hours looking at all the many fun,scary,clever, and ingenious creations. it really is like going to a different world for a time. You could really call it Halloween land by H. That is really what it is.

  8. Very cool poster. If I use my imagination, I see horrific gouls highlighted in neon, parading for tourists.

  9. Yeah, your nephew is going to make it. Seems I had seen at one point, many weeks back, that was not necessarily the case.

  10. yb, That was actually Joe (he’s 9), the son of one of the 3 lifetime friends…he and his Mommy live in New York. It is for Joe, that I am working on that National Holiday…;)

    Jess is 23 or 24 and finally coming to see his Looney Aunt’s event. HA! Poor thing, I have a costume already waiting for him.

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