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Fires and friends

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Today was a stress filled day…watching the folks I’ve worked with side-by-side for 20 years…frantically on their cell phones. They were monitoring fires, checking the websites, listening for updates and calling family and friends. My buddy in the next cubicle was on the phone with his Parent’s as the announcement came through for mandatory evacuations in their area. I saw how helpless he looked, knowing he would not being able to make it to them with all the freeways jammed. The friend and co-worker that took over my old position…she never showed up at all. The fire stopped right at her fence, just before her pool and home. She was carrying her cat in her car… on a leash and her husband was still at home making sure things were still safe. I spoke to a client who had taken in evacuees and I could hear the nervousness in her voice as she said she needed to get home…to make them feel more comfortable. I watched the quiet guy in the corner, sole support of his large, college bound family…silently checking the web for reports of how close things were getting to his home…as the wind changed direction.

I left today not knowing exactly what tomorrow brings for each of them… What does any of us ever really know? I took my camera down to the Ocean because that clicking shutter always seems to make me calm. The fires are burning off to both sides of where I live and though my home is in no danger, nor my families, I still feel a part of all of those people’s fears. Fire always brings photographers and sunsets together and sure enough, they were all lined up along the shore. The wind was creating massive waves with a heavy spray…and yes, the ol’ sun was setting in a sky of reddish pink. I watch them all in their orderly line… with their fancy lenses, some as long as my arm and as round as my thigh, all sitting atop an array of tripods… sunk deep into the sand. I tossed my head and walked right past them…rolled up my pants and headed straight out to sea. It was the first time in my life, I decided to throw politeness to a strong wind. This was my beach and my bad day and I didn’t care if I invaded their shots. My hair blew in my face and my pants got soaked and I had a heck of a time just standing still while trying to protect my most precious lens. I breathed in the ocean scent and once again felt invincible… I will meet tomorrow head on…with whatever it takes…

I am my Father’s Daughter… 😉